Below is a sample of the common enemies you will encounter in Vadine: Bite-Man!


Knights come in 3 different varieties:

  • Blue Knights use axes
  • Orange Knights use guns to attack you from afar
  • Red Knights use fire attacks and are extremely dangerous


  • Slimes are found deep underground and posses tiny intellect
  • Slimes will only hurt Vadine if he gets near them and will often melt down to a small size.


Pirates come in 3 different varieties:

  • Regular Pirates use swords
  • Barrel Pirates hide and shoot you when the time is right (be wary of these pirates)
  • The Pirate Captain uses his twin pistols to take you apart


Clones come in may different varieties and all use blood to attack:

  • Green Clones are used as guards but are very weak
  • White Clones will walk up to you and shoot you with their guns
  • Blue Clones teleport and attack you with their swords
  • Vadine's brothers have varying methods to manipulate blood and possess keen intelligence to take Vadine down